What is Hyundai SHIFTRONIC®?

The Hyundai SHIFTRONIC® transmission system lets drivers override the automatic transmission, while also using an onboard computer to prevent both stalling and over-revving.

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How to Use Hyundai SHIFTRONIC®

Using the SHIFTRONIC® transmission, when equipped in a new Hyundai, is easy. All you need to do to get started is move the gearshift from the standard “D” or “Drive” position to the SHIFTRONIC® gear position. It only requires the quick flick of a wrist! Depending on the particular new Hyundai model that you have, there are a couple of different ways to shift gears with a SHIFTRONIC® transmission system:

  • Regular Gear Shift: To downshift in the SHIFTRONIC® gear position, just pull the gearshift backward, towards the rear of the vehicle. To upshift, push the shift lever forward.
  • Paddle Shifters: If your Hyundai also comes with paddle shifters, as some do, just press the “+” button on the paddle shifter when you need to upshift. Press the “-” button paddle shifter when you need to downshift. In vehicles with paddle shifters, you can use either them or the gearshift to shift between gears when in manumatic mode.

When Should I Use Hyundai SHIFTRONIC®?

Looking to improve handling or fuel economy on Bloomington streets? Hyundai SHIFTRONIC® can help you with that, provided, of course you use it well. Here are some other benefits to using Hyundai SHIFTRONIC® :

  • Better Acceleration: In some cases, quicker acceleration can help you get out of the path of a collision. Hyundai SHIFTRONIC® can help with acceleration times.
  • Easier Deceleration: You can control downshifts and reduce the speed of your Hyundai more easily without even applying the brakes with Hyundai SHIFTRONIC®.
  • Added Control: Adverse road conditions are no match for the peace of mind that the added control of SHIFTRONIC® provides.
  • More Excitement: If you like driving a vehicle with a manual transmission but don’t want the hassle associated with it, especially in heavy traffic, a Hyundai SHIFTRONIC® transmission can offer you the best of both worlds.

Experience Hyundai Performance at Luther Bloomington Hyundai

Now that you know more about SHIFTRONIC® and how to use Hyundai SHIFTRONIC® in Bloomington, we invite you to our Hyundai dealership near St. Paul to experience this Hyundai performance feature for yourself! Contact us today to schedule an appointment or test drive! Meanwhile, you can apply for financing online if you’re interested in buying a new Hyundai with SHIFTRONIC® technology!

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